What will our life be like after the pandemic?

Since March of the last year, our lives have changed radically. And it will not be a change that will return to normal after a while. It is something that will stay forever. I am a very scared person so I followed and continue to follow all preventive measures so that I do not contract Covid-19. I am not part of the risk group, but I am a drama queen, that is, when I get sick I literally feel like I will die. I hate to get sick. So I keep imagining myself with coronavirus (Cardi B’s voice), in bed, with a headache and unable to breathe. No! Thanks.

Because of that, since the beginning of the pandemic, I have avoided leaving the house as much as possible. Lucky to be able to go through this without having to go out, I started cooking every day and shopping for food and things for home over the internet. And, obviously, I started to refuse social invitations from friends. And this post is actually about that. What will my social life be like when all of this is over? I say this because some friends and acquaintances seem to be less afraid of what is happening or are simply taking care of themselves in their own way but they are still living. I think I stopped living for a little bit.

I am worried now about how my circle of friends will be after this is over. Because I refused 99% of my friends’ invitations to go out, dinner, etc … The other 1% was because it was really necessary. I reached a point where I no longer knew how to say no, and I imagine that they also reached the point of not even trying to call me for anything else anymore.

I condemn gatherings and parties at a time when we are losing so many lives. So much for knowing that it is not a moment of celebration, so much for knowing that our irresponsibility can have consequences for other people. But I miss my friends and, like them, I also can’t stand being at home anymore. I want to go out, I want to perform again, see people again, dance and go crazy in the club. But I know I have to wait a little bit more. And I hope that when all this is over, my friends from before are still there for me, and understand that I had to get away from the world and avoid contact with people, both to protect myself and also to protect other people. 

Fortunately the vaccine has arrived and at the right time, we will be immune and ready to party once again…